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Chris and Geo at Union Station

Chris and Geo's love story took a beautiful turn at the historic Union Station in Worcester, MA. I was honored to be there to capture the memories of their special day. The setting was perfect with its classic architecture and charming details that made for a timeless backdrop.

The couple's energy and affection towards each other were truly contagious. They smiled, laughed and shared sweet moments together, and I was able to capture it all through the lens of my camera. The photos came out beautifully, with the mix of natural light and the stunning background of Union Station.

Chris and Geo's love was truly shining through in each and every photo. They were so relaxed and natural in front of the camera, and their chemistry was evident in each frame. They made my job effortless and I am so grateful to have been a part of this special day.

I hope these photos will serve as a timeless reminder of their love and the memories they shared at Union Station. May your love continue to flourish and shine!

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