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Humans of Millbury

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Hi, I'm Penny. I'm a photographer, a mother, a wife, a singer and a writer. I am many things. I have lived in Millbury most of my life.

Humans of Millbury, inspired by Humans of New York, is a project to photograph 100 residents of Millbury, Massachusetts. The project has been funded by the Millbury Cultural Council.

My intention is to capture photographs that tell a story. This is my story.

Photography brings me joy. Photographs are a moment in time, often a very small fraction of a second. But they tell a story. What can you see from my self portraits? I love to be outside. The natural world brings me joy. I have a cat and a child. Both decided to photo bomb this session, and bring me worlds of joy.

I am human number one of Humans of Millbury. If you made it this far down, thanks for reading! 99 humans to go!

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