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Humans of Millbury: Emily, Jeffrey and Kristen

Emily - To me, family means that, no matter what, you have someone to fall back on.  And family isn’t just blood, it's the people around you.  So it could be your friends, your coworkers, the people who show you that they care.  And that’s the biggest thing.  Without support from them, it's hard to go about your everyday life and do all your stuff.

I like to sing.  I did chorus all throughout school, choir at church and now when I’m at work I walk around the whole day singing.  Kristen calls me every night at work and I sing her to sleep.

I’m a nurse.  I work in assisted living, which is very different from a nursing home.  It’s kind of an in between of being on your own and being in a nursing home. 

Jeffrey - My hobby is a relaxing night sitting by a fire.  I’m excited for stuff like that.  After all the hustle and bustle of everyday you can just sit down and “ahhhhhh!” It's relaxing.

I’m a welder.  It's really fun.  There’s a pride that goes into getting something broken, welding it back together and then having it better than it was. It took me a long time to find something that I love, something I enjoy going and actually doing.  I’m definitely grateful that I took the time to learn it. They guy I weld with at my shop, he has a passion for it like I do so we bounce ideas off each other and we build stuff from scratch.  If we have time on our hands we’ll build stuff like racks that are unique, that we can use around the shop.  It's just kinda neat.

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