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Humans of Millbury: Greg

I really love animals. I have two dogs, Perry (pictured) and Timmy Wiggle Butt, which is what happens when you let your kids name your dogs.  That’s in addition to the cat, the fish and the tortoise.  The tortoise is a rescue actually.  Somebody in Millbury found it wandering through their backyard and they posted on facebook “wow, look at this thing going through my backyard!” Since I’ve always kept reptiles, I took one look at that picture and knew that kind of tortoise isn’t native to North America, let alone Massachusetts.  So I sent her a message and said “Catch that tortoise!” and so they caught the tortoise.  I sent a message to animal control and they said, well, you gotta wait X number of days in case someone claims it.  Now we have a tortoise.

I was one of the individuals that helped build the dog park in Millbury.  There was a core group of us.  I’ve shifted away from the government side of that and now I’m involved in the non profit Friends group that helps do fundraising for that. I really enjoy the dog park.

I really like fishing, especially saltwater fishing.  I’m going this weekend.  I have a hard time concentrating at work when I know I ‘m going fishing soon!  It's a reward for me. If I go alone, I go out of Gloucester on a head boat.  But now that my sons are getting older, one of them really enjoys saltwater fishing.  We go down to the Cape and we take a boat out into Buzzard’s Bay and Vineyard Sound.  He really seems to be enjoying that.  We’re going down to New York because my parents have some fishing rods that belonged to my grandfather, so my son’s great grandfather.  It's nothing compared to the technology today, but I think it's really cool for him to be able to catch fish on the same rod that his great grandfather used.

I’ve worked from home for the better part of 12 years.  It's great.  I’m an attorney and most lawyers don’t get to see as much of their family as I do, so that’s awesome.  Between TV and books everyone thinks lawyers are very flashy and very exciting, and maybe for trial lawyers it is, but you see maybe a fifth of what happens in their daily life.  Most of their time is spent sitting behind a desk reading hundreds of pages of whatever.  Whenever my wife has trouble sleeping she asks me “How was your day?” and three sentences in, she passes out.  

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