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Humans of Millbury: Jennifer and Julian

(Jennifer) Family is my everything.  That’s why I'm still here in Millbury.  I want to retire to Florida.  I was just getting ready to, when my son had my grandson.  I don’t know what I would do without my family.  My dad was a big part of it.  He was the glue.  He passed away three years ago and without my brother and my son, I don’t know.  They’re it.

I check in with my best friend every day.  We text or something.  We always connect once a day.

I love to cook italian.  Lasagna is what I make the best.  I love steak too.

He does the alphabet in 4 different languages.  He’s five.  It's funny.

On my day off, this is what I do.  I love outdoor planting and building.  I bust my ass to make this place look beautiful. And it's worth it.

Here comes our family of swans. Their babies aren’t babies anymore. They’re the same size as mom and dad, they're just gray. They were born in April/May. They had nine and there’s six now. We’ve got a Dorothy Pond page on facebook and people will post “aw, we’re down to eight babies.” The turtles grab them. Circle of life grabs them.

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