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Humans of Millbury: Kelley and Austin

Austin goes to an adult dayhab program and then he comes home and I have amazing caregivers who help care for him.  He is very social!  He likes to be out and about.  He does not like to be home.  Whether it be Target, the grocery store, Barnes and Noble.  He likes books.  He’s a big book person.

In the summer our typical day is the pool.  He is a huge fan of the pool.  We keep it heated so we can get as much use out of it as we can.  And we will float and swim in it for hours.  When that gets closed it's a sad day.  He also loves animals.  We’ll go to the zoo and tomorrow we have barn babies visiting the house.

I work full time.  I’m a mortgage broker.  And that’s why I have my girls to help me with Austin.  I work from home, which is nice because I can be here for him when I need to be.  We live in a crazy household! Our family motto is "Embrace everyday in every way."

I like to spend time with my family as much as I can.  Every Sunday in the summer is Sunday Funday with my parents, my sister, my brother from Jersey sometimes comes.  I’m big about my family.   We like to spend a lot of time in Maine.  We have a summer home in Maine and Austin loves it up there too.  He loves the boat, he loves the lake.  I like to read and spend time with my family.  My guilty pleasure is gambling at Mohegan Sun or an occasional Vegas trip once a year.  

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