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Humans of Millbury: Lori

I have a lot of plants.  I have a friend that names everything.  So she came up with names for my plants.  That’s Shelley, because she lives on the beach. (laughs) Then there’s Stanley and Lucy.  I used to not be very good with plants.  MY sister in law said to me ‘I know how you can make them happy.  You have to water them!’ (laughs again) I enjoy it a lot.

I get outside everyday.  I walk, or sit out here, especially when the weather is good.  I sit out here as much as I can.  And I really enjoy walking with my girlfriend 2-3 times a week.

I have two wonderful sons and three remarkable grandsons.  We’re really close.  My brother just moved in for the winter.  My parents are in Northborough.  They need around the clock help, so we all pitch in where we can.  Family means everything.  We vacation together and spend all the holidays together.  And we’re very much beach bum people.  Every year we went to Misquamicut growing up.  Two weeks every summer!  I remember laying in bed at night and still feeling the surf rolling over me.  Those were good times.

I like to cook!  That’s something new for me.  I got into it a couple years ago and I actually find it quite relaxing.  I really enjoy it and I’m always looking for new recipes and looking for people to try what I cook. I made a peach cobbler in cast iron and that was really, really good. 

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