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Humans of Millbury: Mark, Chase and Travis

Chase: We love finding frogs! Look! They're all over the ground. We have nets so we can catch them in the pond.

Travis: There's one right here! I got him! Aw, he jumped out. He's fast. Where'd he go? He went somewhere underground.

Mark: Travis is finally in kindergarten! His birthday is in early september so he went to preschool for two years. Chase is in the brand new Shaw School.

Chase: It was my birthday this summer. I had a party at Chuck E. Cheese. My favorite part was the games. I also had my tonsils out. I got to eat a lot of orange sherbert.

Mark: I'm looking forward to going to California for work at the end of October. I've never been to the west coast! I'm going to Fremont, California for training but I'm flying into San Francisco. So, I'm going spend some time there, see the Golden Gate Bridge. I'm pretty pysched about that.

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