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Humans of Millbury: Mary

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

I’m just a regular person.  I moved to Millbury thirty-something years ago and I call it my town. I love to golf any chance I can get.

I just took up chalking.  So, you get these patterns and stencils, and you take a sponge and paint and it comes out pretty cool.  I’m not artsy crafty so it's something I can do.  I’ll probably do it tomorrow with my grandson. 

I was my senior class president. I always like trying to solve problems for people. 

I used to have a cable access show in Millbury with my friend Doreen.  We’d do anything and everything, like restaurant reviews. One time when Cold Water Creek came to the mall we did a fashion show.  We went to New York once.  Whatever was happening in town we’d try to get it on the show.  It was fun.  We had a great time doing it.  I miss it every now and then.  It was called “Get Out.”  We were on for years. 

Once I became a selectman, it was harder.  I ran on a dare.  I thought I could help and be the voice of the people and I ended up winning my first election and I was like “What? I won?” I enjoy it. 

I’m a 43 year survivor of cancer.   I was supposed to be gone at 17.  They gave me a 30% chance of survival.  They said I’d never talk again and I would never have children. I always say to my son “you’re the miracle in my life.”  He was my gift.  I man made my voice with the help of a surgeon. I don’t know why I’m still here but I’ll take it!

Family means everything. I come from a huge family.  There were nine kids.

My grandson is three.  I have a granddaughter and she’s 7 months old.  They live in Lunenberg. I try to see them once a week.

I will help anybody. I did meals on wheels for 20 years. I miss doing that.

I always thank my son for putting up with me.  You know, if I volunteered, he had to come with me.  But like he says, it made him a better person. 

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