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Humans of Millbury: Matt

I’ve been in a few bands throughout the years.  And around 2017 I was in two bands and we had the same drummer for both bands.  He then took a second shift job so that kind of put everything in flux.  Around the same time I had another friend ask me if I would fill in for him on a solo acoustic gig.  I was like “Oh boy!  I don’t know if I have three hours of material I can do all by myself.”  It was scary to not have other people behind me, backing me up.  But, it went really well! And it really took off from there.  It's been a lot of fun.  I’ve got 600 songs I can choose from now!

I usually listen to a lot of classic rock.  Lately I’ve been on quite the Jack Johnson jag and the group of musicians around him that work with him. I’m just kinda into that mellow, acoustic grove.  

I’m excited that things in my life are going well.  We seem to be pulling out of this pandemic, so you know the music has been taking off.  This past summer was insane. I’m a school bus driver as well so it's nice to have summers off.  

I got into music when I was a teenager and picked up a guitar. It's funny, nobody in my family was musical.  Ever since I was a little kid anything musical caught my ear.  I was about 13 when my mother got me a guitar for Christmas.  It was a right handed guitar and I’m right handed but for some reason it felt more natural for me to play it left handed. 

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