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Humans of Millbury: Gharam, Indigo, Coraline, Calvin and Jillian

Updated: Sep 13, 2022


I like to stitch.  If things become nutty, stitching helps me to be calm and focused. And sometimes when I’m working, I'll stitch while I'm listening in meetings. 

So my sister and her family live in town, and my parents live in town, so on christmas eve we always do some kind of weird craft and we always eat some kind of weird do it yourself food.  And it's just awesome.  It's no pressure.  Everybody just shows up and that’s my favorite.


I love going out to eat.  If I don’t have to make the food myself, it tastes better.  I like Calabria.  It's really good. I get the eggplant parm.

The past few years we’ve been getting these crazy Christmas trees and that's fun.  My mom gets them delivered and you pick the size you want.  She gets the largest one.  They’re ridiculous.  they’re like bushes. 


(Gharam) One year they brought us this tree and it was comically large.  We cut it down to size but it looked like if you took a forty foot tree and cut the top off.  Just that bushy.  And she’s been obsessed with getting the largest possible tree to fit inside our room.  It took nine strands of lights. 


We went to Rome and I got this necklace there.  I remember taking this picture there and it didn’t even look like me .  I just looked totally different.  I captioned it “elephants rule” or something stupid.  I started wearing it everyday and it's just become my thing. 

(Calvin) If I’m having a rough day or just not feeling myself, I go out for a bike ride around Millbury.  Sometimes I bike to our old neighborhood, just kinda looking back and thinking about stuff.  It's nice. 


My grandma makes special cookies for kids' birthdays.  My birthday, or my sister's, or my brother's.

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