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Humans of Millbury: Veronica and Carl

Veronica:  When we looked at this house, it was the first one we looked at. Well, I looked at it.  He was on vacation!  I called him and said “So I’m gonna buy it.  Is that okay?”  I just remember in the picture it looked so grand.  And then I got here and it's the cutest, most charming little house.  It was built in 1850, and has both porches.  It was everything we wanted.  And the cookie room, right off the kitchen, was a necessity! 

Carl:  The first time I saw it was the house inspection.  It was very quick.  But I thought the house was great!  There’s some cool spots in the basement where you can see where they dug deeper, where the fieldstone is.  It's very cool.  There’s a small window for putting coal through. 

Veronica:  I baked a lot with my mom as a kid.  I’m one of five children and we stayed home with her.  She was always teaching us to bake and I loved it.  she would always bring me and my siblings into the place where she worked one day a week and where my dad worked and would give out cookies to everyone.  We’d follow her around like little ducklings in a line.  Everyone would be so excited to see us, like “Oh the cookie lady’s here! She’s here with her cookies!”  Then I found decorated sugar cookies and was like “Wow! This is art in edible form!”  Something clicked and I could not let go of the idea.  Immediately I wondered how I could do this.  After I started decorating I realized I could teach other people and host workshops and that’s really fun!

Carl:  I have a lot of hobbies and like to try different things.  The biggest thing right now is I make cookie cutters for her.  I 3D print them.  I have a printer in the basement.  I also recently started doing wood engraving.  I learned for our wedding.  I wanted to make wooden bow ties for my groomsmen.  I got a friend to cut the wood into bowtie form and then engraved them  with things they like. I also play a little bit of piano.  My family has always been musically inclined.  I used to take lessons when I was a kid with our church pianist and stuck with it.  

Carl:  I’m excited about our honeymoon we’re planning for next year.  We’re planning on traveling for 6 months to Southeast Asia, head up to Japan then to Guyana, where I’m from, then Central America. 

Veronica:  I’m thrilled.  We both really love to travel and we’ve been to a lot of places together, but they were all shorter trips and we both love extended travel.  So we said “Let’s just do something together before we start a family and now is the ideal time.”  Southeast Asia just looks so cool.  Their food is so good, the culture is so interesting.

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